Sunday, July 16, 2006


Daily Iowan Prints Democrat Talking Points

I have been derelict in my duty in not posting this sooner, but as many may not take the time to read the Daily Iowan, I thought it was still worth while to be sure you heard about this.

First, I have to say that for the past year, I have actually been quite impressed with the Daily Iowan. They seemed to be genuinely interested in putting together objective pieces and covered a number of our Republican events quite well. As I've been reading the paper this summer though, it really seems like they've taken a downturn -- the reports of dem visits read glowingly, while they devoted the reports of republican visits to attacks by college democrats. And their opinion page has been particularly bad -- I've almost given up making my way through it, because I always feeling like I might as well be reading Democrat talking points.

Thing is, turns out I was reading Democrat talking points. The paper announced this week that one of their columns was actually "largely plagiarized from a report released June 29 by the Democratic Policy Committee." To their credit, they promptly fired the columnist, John Heineman, who also had an apology printed in the paper.

Not to diminish the plagiarism itself, I think the truly sad thing is that the Democrat talking points didn't look out of place -- it's what we've come to expect from the liberal media.

Though the Iowa blogosphere has been strangely silent, the rest of the world, including Fox News has been quite a buzz, check out some of the other takes on this affair including: Brit Hume, NewsBusters, Army Post Road, Regret the Error,