Thursday, July 27, 2006


Allison to drop out of SOS Race

Rumors were percolating over on Krusty's Comments about Republican Secretary State Candidate Chuck Allison ending his campaign. This morning, the Des Moines Register confirmed that Allison will be announcing the end of his race, citing personal issues.

I hear that one item on the agenda of the upcoming state central committee is "nominating conventions." Expect that we will be reconvening the state delegates to choose a new nominee. Bob Dopf anyone? Then again, with a convention, anything is possible.

That's what I get for trying to jot off a quick message before heading off to work without checking my facts. My understanding is that the state party has until August 18 to select a new candidate and still get the name on all the ballots, and the State Central Committee will be the entity making the selection.

Gazette reports the following names considering a bid: Paul Pate, former Secretary of State and former Cedar Rapids Mayor; Bill Dix, former state representative and congressional candidate; Gentry Collins, former RPI Executive Director. Except for Krusty, doesn't appear that Bob Dopf is getting much traction.

If I get a chance, I'll post a bit more about Paul Pate, for those of us, who's memories have trouble going back eight years to when he was last in statewide office.

Paul Pate seems like the logical choice. He does have experiance
Pate's a well known figure in Iowa politics having won election at the state and local level.

He's never been defeated by a Democrat, ran Iowa's 2nd largest city quite well, and has experience in running elections efficiently and unlike the current SoS, knows the election laws and can count ballots in a timely fashion.
Yep, but Pate has been defeated by another Republican! Why didn't he show up tonight at the Chairman's dinner over in Linn County? I would think if he is serious about running he would have been there tonight. RPI did a great job with this dinner. Some of us did not get a dessert but that was the fault of the Romney people. They did not want anyone on the floor once the Gov. started speaking or so I was told.
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