Wednesday, June 14, 2006


WH'08: Pataki announces staff too

Seems there's a bit of a pre-convention buzz blitz on the WH'08 front. Mike Glover reports that Pataki has announced the following team of Iowans, who will be working for his leadership PAC, the 21st Century Freedom PAC. Here's lineup, according the Press Release from the PAC:

Iowa Chairman: Stewart Iverson (former Senate Republican Leader)
Senior Political Advisor: Ed Failor, Jr. (Executive VP of Iowans for Tax Relief)
Iowa Executive Director: Diane Crookham-Johnson (former RPI finance chair)
Leadership Team Members: Loras Schulte (State Central Committee Member / Benton County Chair / former Iowa Campaign Manager for Pat Buchanan and Gary Bauer) and JoEllen Hill (an IFRW leader, and former Leonard for Ag Secy Campaign Manager)

More than you'd ever want to know about their bios is available on the PAC site, and Krusty, as always has some interesting (if sometimes nasty) comments from his readers.

Looks like he's gonna be working the state hard.