Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Tornados and severe thunderstorms in North Johnson Co

The National Weather Service is reporting a tornado by North Liberty and funnel clouds along I-80. Hail from golfball to softball size has also been reported. We have a tornado warning here in JC until 4:00PM and one in Linn County just expired.

While I hope everyone in the path of this storm keeps safe, I can't help but wonder how today's earlier rains and this afternoon's severe weather will effect turnout, especially as it travels east into our neighboring congressional district.

3:49 PM UPDATE: KWWL reporting doppler indicated tornados over Iowa City.

3:53 PM UPDATE: Johnson Co. Sheriff reports rotating wall cloud (???) over Carver Hawkeye Arena. - I'm going for cover.

4:05 PM UPDATE: I saw some suspicious looking cloud movements out my window as I was making the last update. Looks like we've got the all clear hear in Johnson County as far as tornados. A severe t-storm warning remains in effect.

4:11 PM UPDATE: The storm has pushed south towards Riverside. Tornado reported on the ground south of Kalona in Washington County between HWY 1 and 218.

4:15 PM UPDATE: We've got blue sky over my place. Another weather emergency averted here. Hopefully everyone else can say the same.

4:19 PM UPDATE: Primary voting suspended in Johnson and Linn Counties through the SOS office to be continued when the county auditors deem it appropriate.

4:34 PM UPDATE: Looks like the storm is going to hit south of Scott County. The Whalen and Kennedy campaigns can breath a sigh of relief.

4:37 PM UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the Johnson County Auditor's office. They told me that voting should be open at all polling stations. They're still in the process of contacting all the sites to make sure they are open again.

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