Friday, June 02, 2006


Tom Vilsack--No Friend of Private Property Rights

Our "esteemed" Governor today vetoed legislation that would have reformed Iowa's laws concerning the use of eminent domain. Gov. Vilsack stated that he would bring Iowa legislators back for a special session to "improve" the legislation he vetoed today.

The legislation would have protected the private property rights of Iowa citizens, preventing goverment from using eminent domain to give land to other private developers for economic development purposes.

However, the Governor, in his attempts to make himself into a viable presidential candidate, has managed to veto legislation that garnered strong bipartisan support in both the Iowa House and Senate.

Speaker of the House Chris Rants has already stated that a legislative override of Vilsack's veto is a strong possibility and even Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal has stated his firm support for the legislation that Vilsack vetoed today.

Sounds like our Governor needs to be listening to our legislators and not to special interests to which he's answered to for the past 2 terms.

Vilsack, no friend of common sense.....
Does anyone know where you can look online to get instant updates on the polls for Tuesday?
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