Saturday, June 17, 2006


Our next governor, Jim Nussle

The Democratic nominee said the focus on this election should be on beating Jim Nussle. I reject that. The focus should be on Iowa.

1. Energize Iowa's education
2. Energize Iowa's economy
3. Revitalize Iowa's healthcare
4. Energize Iowa's confidence in our government
5. Promote and maitain Iowa's quality of life

On Kelo: "I will resepect and I will protect your property rights in this state."

Many politicians believe they are the be all end all of idea. Bob and I have heard so many great stories and great ideas, that we've started a project called 99 Iowa Ideas.

Chet Culver wants to bring the state more of the leadership of Tom Vilsack. We've had enough.

[[I can't keep up and my batery's drianed. More later hopefully...]]

UPDATE: O. Kay Henderson is a much swifter typist than me and she got most of the speech down as well as much of the other AM activity at our convention. She spent the afternoon with the Dems.

** Photos by Denny Eilers, Iowa Photo Farm **