Friday, June 09, 2006


Nussle & Culver almost meet in Scott County

I think this is hilarious. Jim Nussle was on the second day of his victory-swing around the state -- today, spending some time in the first congressional district with nominee Mike Whalen, and former candidates Brian Kennedy and Bill Dix. Volunteers were preparing for their stop at the Davenport Airport (a very small little general aviation terminal), putting up signs outside along the road and such.

Imagine the surprise when one volunter, Amanda Sebastion (a UI graduate and very active CR here in Johnson County these past years), walks outside to see a little old lady tearing down all the signs. When she went out to find out what she was doing, the lady was agast that the Republicans would be putting up their signs in front of the Democrats event. No, it's a Republican event, says the volunteer politely. Turns out that the good ole Chet had scheduled a press conference at nearly the same time, at the same place. Apparently Culver came and left pretty fast, Nussle was a little late, and so the two candidates didn't run into each other, but as one reporter wrote below, it made for some interesting moments: