Saturday, June 17, 2006


Iowa's conservative firebrand

Steve King got a huge response when he was introduced. Can you say red meat?

Great King quote #45,367: "There are probably not 72 virgins in the hell Al-Zarqawi is in. If there are, the probably all look like Helen Thomas."

He spoke on the Kelo amendment "The Supreme Court is the last place the US Constitution should be amended, and that's exactly what they did." Here's a prayer King offered us: I pray that Justice Ginsberg and Justice Kennedy fall madly in love with eachother and elope to Cuba, giving President Bush two more appointments to the Supreme Court.

King pushed the fair, flat tax: "Challenge the presidential candidates as they come through Iowa to take a stance on the fair, flat tax."

King panned Bush's immigration plan. Did he miss the "suck it up and move on" part of Grassley's speech? He got a good response. King wants to build a 2000 mile long fence. 12 American citizens are killed every day by illegal aliens and $65 billion in illegal drugs come across each year. We're spending $4 million a mile on the boarder. "I'd tell the president that if you give me $4 million a mile, you wouldn't see a cockroach get across the boarder."

How can I help get the word out on DUncan "the real deal" Hunter in Iowa?

On the border:
Hunter: "If you can climb my fence, we'll sign you up for the Olympics".
Hunter is the author of the US/Mexico Fence Bill.

On the Fair Tax:
Duncan Hunter is one of the sponsors of the Bill.

Check out Duncan Hunter. A real conservative that doesn't need consultants to develop a conservative image.

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