Thursday, June 29, 2006


Iowans for Tax Relief recap

I saw this article when I stopped by my parent's house in Davenport earlier this week. Charlotte Eby of the various Lee Enterprises newspapers profiled the Muscatine-based Iowans for Tax Relief. The group is regularly criticized by commenters over at Krusty for having a poor record at getting its issues through the legislative process. However ITR boasts a 90% victory rate in candidates they endorse.

Any time an organization backs a challenger in a primary, you're going to get people invoking Ronald Regean's 11th Commandment, and this time is no exception. The candidates ITR backed in Bettendorf had paticular sucess, with both Rep. Joe Hutter and Sen. Maggie Tinsman falling to ITR-backed primary challeges. Outgoing (presumably) State Rep. Joe Hutter is quite bitter about the group's involvement in his primary. He claims he's contemplating an independent candidacy (though such thoughts didn't deter him from attending the state convention a couple weeks back).

I guess I just thought it was a decent read. Check it out.