Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hotline lists Iowa Republicans to watch

Here's who the Hotline thinks you should keep your eyes on moving toward the '08 election. These are Iowans who have not committed themselves to a presidential contender but whose influence and advice will be highly sought by the Romneys, McCains, Huckabees, et al as the caucuses approach:

Leg. house campaign dir. Tim Albrecht

Nussle comm. dir Maria Comella

Nussle pol. dir. Andrew Dorr

IA businessman John Gilliland

Ex-IA 72-Hour Task Force dir. Hans Gullickson

Nussle senior counsel/ex-Hastert aide Pete Jeffries

State Sen. Pres. Jeff Lamberti (recently appeared at fundraiser for Giuliani's Solutions America in NYC and at a
fundraiser with Pataki)

Ex-IA GOP chair Michael Mahaffey

GOP co-chair Leon Moseley

IA Fed. GOP Women Pres. Kathy Pearson

Nussle coalitions dir. Marlys Popma

IA State Rep/Speaker Christopher Rants

State Sen. Kitty Rehberg, liaison to social conservatives

BC04 IA chair David Roederer

Nussle mgr. Nick Ryan

IA Christian Alliance pres. Steve Scheffler

Current IA GOP exec. dir. Cullen Sheehan

BC04 regional pol. dir Karen Slifka

WH Pol. Dir. Sara Taylor

Vilsack spokesman Rodell Mollineau said the bonuses are a legitimate compensation tool that help the state compete with the private sector for skilled professionals and highly sought administrators.

"We're competing for the best and brightest. Iowans do not want third-rate professionals running state government," Mollineau said.

So we can count that as a Nussle endorsement than, right?
Krusty adds his own names to the hotline list, and his commenters pitch in too...
Where's the johnson county names on this list?!!
We in Johnson County do our work behind the scenes..and do it damn well.

4400 more votes in 04 for Bush than 2000..all with no "hotshots"..no "rising stars"..just a bunch of dedicated, hardworking activists who don't worry about being on lists of "who to watch"...
kudos to Johnson County for not wanting to be in the spotlight!
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