Monday, May 08, 2006


WH '08: Romney for Iowans for Romney

MA gov. Mitt Romney is going to be meeting with member of the Iowa Christian Alliance tonight up in Cedar Rapids. Those who can't make it can get a perspective on Romney from two Iowa bloggers who have thrown their support behind the probable 2008 candidate.

Fellow Johnson County resident Jeff Fuller lives in North Libery. He works at the UIHC on a Vitreoretinal Surgical Fellowship (I had to look that up. Vitreoretinal (vĭt'rē-ō-rĕt'n-əl) Of, relating to, or affecting the limit between the retina and the vitreous body.). He's been blogging at Fuller's Field, but has recently opened Iowans for Romney where he keeps an eye on Romney's activities.

Another pro-Romney blog is Des Moines attorney Jack Hollander's Romney for Iowa. Jack worked with Romney on the Salt Lake City Olympics and came to know him as a man of character and integrity. In an email, Jack said he became interested in blogging after reading Iowa's Who's Makin' Bacon, Krusty Konservative, and Drew Miller to name a few.

Both bloggers address Romney's Mormon faith in a way that was instructive to this non-Mormon.

Do keep a very close eye on the Mitt Romney Deception at:

Supporting gay marriage and the abortion pill RU-486 is not how to get a Republican into the White House, as Hilary or Obama or other Democrat are already welcome to walk the liberal walk.
Iowans and Iowa Republicans don't need Romney to run at all.
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