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Secretary of Ag Race down to Leonard v. Northey?

Krusty is reporting that Secretary of Agriculture candidate Karey Claghorn will be dropping out of the race and endorsing Bill Northey tomorrow.

Haven't yet seen any official confirmation or media news reports, but I'll update here when I do.

UPDATE: It's official. Here's the 5/5/06 Des Moines Register story and the text of her e-mail to Republicans 5/4/06:

Dear Friend,

After much thought and debate, I've decided to suspend my campaign for Secretary of Agriculture and officially endorse Bill Northey and his campaign for Iowa's most important agricultural position.

This decision was a very difficult one. I've greatly enjoyed traveling across the state, meeting great people like you. It was a life-changing experience, one which I have learned a great deal from.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you've given me. I could never have made it this far without you. For that, I am greatly appreciative. I hope you support Bill's campaign with the energy that you've supported mine.

I really feel Bill and I complement each other. Bill's experience in production agriculture and national leadership in the commodity organizations coupled with my experience in the supermarket industry, agri-business and animal agriculture make for a great team.

I'm attaching the news release that was sent out for you to read if you'd like. Thank you again for all your support, and I ask you to vote for Bill Northey on June 6!



Krusty is a stud!
Interesting (treacherous?) discussion in the comments section there, too.
It's too bad Karey dropped out. She was nice, but just got in the race late and had trouble raising money. Now the race is down to Northey and Leonard; just as everyone thought it would be. Obviously Karey's endorsement of Bill is going to help him immensely, but, honestly, the only chance either of them had of beating Leonard was to team up like this.
Why is it that everybody running for office nowadays needs a running mate?
maybe they're all lonely.

we better tell the presidential candidates if they wanna win the caucuses, they should be thinking about it too ... McCain/Giuliani running against Romney/Allen and Huckabee/Gingrich ... maybe Frist could get Cox to be his runningmate.
HAHAHAHAHA...Frist/Cox....I spilled coffee on myself!
It seems that Cox got encouraged by his visits to Iowa and is now officially running. Gotta be more careful about those standing ovations, guys!
Claghorn is out. No big surprise there. She didn't have a chance anyway. Between Leonard and Northey it looks like Northey has a lot more money, but it sure seems like Leonard has a lot more support out in the state.
Also, Illinois, Northey's bragging about having more money has absolutely no grounds at this time. He is basing that statement off financial disclosures from Dec. 31. So, in short, is following VE lead and making things up.
I think Leonard will continue to have more support. He really gets his message out there and attends a lot of functions. If someone hasn't heard him speak, its their own fault. He's been to every county at least once.
where does the idea come from that Northey has A LOT more money. His total contributions were less than leonard on 12-31 ($42k vs 62K). He had $13K more cash than Leonard year end, but his Daddy gave him $6k and he had unpaid bills. Hardly accurate to say he outraised or had a lot more. How come nobody takes Northey to task for his outrageous statements. Maybe he has raised more since Jan 1, but the fact is nobody knows. Bottom line, unless somebody raises $500k, they aren't going to run a good media campaign anyway. Therefore the whole game is organization. Leonard wins big time.
I've been asking this question for weeks. How in the world does Northey get away with saying he's raised TWICE the money and TWICE the endorsements of Leonard. He is so public with this announcement, and anyone who actually looked into financial disclosures knows its just a load of BS. Is it VE who encourages this dishonest behavior, or is it just Northey's personality? Either way, Northey is going to need to run a clean campaign if he expects for any educated voter to actually take it to the polls for him.
Here's something I came across on the LFI website today. To all of you who think his mustache or "look" isn't sincere, or think he needs to change it...
Here's an excerpt from Northey's blog...
"I have know IFRW since my Mom was involved when I was young.
IFRW is the Iowa Federation of Republican Women. This group does a great amount of the work in the Republican Party. There Spring Meeting was in Des Moines today.
I make the trip will little farming guilt as few tractors were rolling and certainly it was wet at home."
I can't believe what a fool Northey makes of himself on his website. These are errors my 4th grader found easily. Sorry, Northey, but you are going to have to do some major work to get this IFRW gal to vote for you.
Also, pull up your pants and put a little spark and ingenuity into your speeches.
we'll get to see them both in action up close and personal tomorrow night at the spaghetti dinner.
Iowa City Boy, I hope you post your comments after the event tomorrow. I'd like to hear about it. I won't get to see another match-up...
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