Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Grassley questions Sen. Clinton's Ethanol Sincerety

At the National Press Club, Senator Hillary Clinton stated that the US should be "moving on a much faster track" with regards to renewable fuels. This will come as a surprise to those who have been fighting for ethanol for years. From the DMR:
Clinton, who is considered a frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, was one of 26 senators who opposed the energy bill passed by Congress last year mandating the use of 7.5 billion gallons of ethanol by 2012.

Clinton opposed both the ethanol mandate and lawsuit protections for
Senator Grassley released the following statement
"I say to Senator Clinton, 'welcome to the club.' We'll be happy to update her on the pro-ethanol laws we've enacted without her vote. If Senator Clinton is a born-again ethanol supporter, let's hope she has the zeal of a convert as she begins promoting ethanol and other renewable fuels."

If Hillary's flip-flop on ethanol doesn't demonstrate just how shallow and about self she is, then I don't know what does.

She only now 'supports' ethanol because she's looking at how things are playing out for the dem nomination for pres in '08. Support for ethanol + ethanol is made from corn + Iowa is a corn state + Iowa Caucus = political gain.

So much for core values huh?
Hillary Clinton has proven time and time again that she is not to be trusted on where she's going to stand politically on any given issue. She's moved from even pandering to conservatives all in her efforts to make her more appealing for an 08 run.
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