Sunday, May 07, 2006


Casino coming to neighbor Riverside

Riverside, the future home of the state's largest Casino and Resort, is just south of the Johnson County border in Washington County.

I know that there is a good bit of difference of opinion within our party on the issue of gambling -- though I personally tend to come from the school of thought that our state legislators our addicted to gambling revenues just as badly as a compulsive gambler is addicted, and that we're making a terrible mistake when consider a casino positive economic development.

Nevertheless, as it stands now Casinos are with us and I don't think that anyone would dispute that great change is on its way to our neighbor to the south. On this point, I recommend that you check out an excellent set of articles, prepared by a class of UI graduate journalism students, The Riverside Project. It was published as an insert in the Friday edition of the Daily Iowan, and I have only just finished reading the exhaustive materials that covers everything from the political campaign to bring the Casino to town to the current repercusions and expected effects. I'll be interested what others think.

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