Monday, April 03, 2006


UPDATE: Leach Challenger Fails to Get on Ballot

Okay, so this is just too bizarre not to share. First of all, recall that our "would-be challenger" to Congressman Leach failed to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot. (If you've forgotten the story, check out the original post last month)

So, inquiring minds were awfully curious why this happened. Was he too busy sipping lattes and thinking deep thoughts? Or had he delegated it all to his staff and volunteers and they dropped the ball?

The answer, believe it or not, is that he was too busy signing the petitions FOR CONGRESSMAN LEACH. Yes, in the last days before the deadline, our "would-be challenger," who wasn't able to collect enough signatures to find his own spot on the ballot, was approached in downtown Iowa City by a GOP volunteer who didn't realize who he was and asked him if he'd sign Congressman Leach's petition. He introduced himself as Leach's opponent, but good-naturedly signed the petition anyway.

Now, I must admit that this shows good sportsmanship on the "would-be challengers" part -- but perhaps he should have asked for a few signatures in return.

that's good stuff.

All hail the might Johnson County Dem machine... this should be very embaradding for them.
I actually thought that was rather kind of Mr. Loebsack. The only other response he could have had would have been rude.
I think I know who had Loebsack sign Leach's petition. I am a Democtrat, and I happened to sign the same petition that a House Candidate Emma Nemecek and her partner Lea asked me to sign. They are harworking volunteers! They stopped me in the middle of the street and convince me to sign Leach's petition.
Indeed, Linngirl, I don't fault him for signing the petition -- as I said, it's quite the show of good sportsmanship -- it's just brutal irony.
Why is it some people can not read the positive?
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