Thursday, April 13, 2006


Our Ten Words for the Democratic Party

As you might know, Traveling Tom Vilsack has been pushing a program asking Democrats to describe their party in 10 words or less. (The late blog, State29, called this project for what it was: a pretext to get people to give Vilsack their contact info.) His staff have recently picked their favorites. I thought it might be fun to offer some suggestions of our own. Post them in the comments section.

UPDATE: Who's Makin' Bacon was a little slower, but funnier than I was on this idea. (Warning: Bacon uses some "unwholesome" language.)

I can think of 7 words, but I probably shouldn't put them up.
Democrats: Trial lawyers and union bosses 'r' us.
1. C
2. H
3. E
4. T
5. C
6. U
7. L
8. V
9. E
10. R

10 words exactly. What more do you need to know?
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