Saturday, April 22, 2006


2nd District Convetion: Get your procedure here

10:31 - Nomination of permenant Convention Committee and credentials report

Todd Versteegh (esteemed chairman of the Johnson County Central Committee) was nominated and approved to chair the convention.

The report from the credentials committe might suprise a few people. When I tell people about Johnson County Repbulicans, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. "Republicans? Johnson County? Wha...?" As a percentage we’re pretty small, only 20%, but Johnson County is the 6th biggest source of GOP votes in the state. Check out the Johnson County information page that Sam, the Co. Party’s webmaster has created. Anyway, here's each county's delegate count:

Appanoose County - 0
Cedar County - 11
Davis County - 1
Des Moines County - 15
Henry County - 12
Jefferson County - 4
Johnson County - 34
Lee County - 15
Linn County - 34
Louisa County - 6
Muscatine County - 18
Van Bueran County - 5
Wappelo County - 8
Washington County - 7
Wayne County - 3

Some latecomers added to Linn County's total and caused a moment of confusion during the state central committee voting.

10:44 - Debate on the rules

This the part I love about conventions. No wait, this is the part I hate. I'll spare you the details, mostly because I went to get a drink.

Johnson County did a hell of a job in getting people to the convention. Linn County sucked. 34 people? or was it 44? or will we ever know the real number?
Yeah Johnson County Rules! Thanks for getting everything ready during the week. Oh that was Linn County. When you say “Linn County sucked” you sound like a Democrat- negative…
let's keep her positive -- wouldn't want them to turn off open comments here too.

I think Linn county did a fine job hosting ...

but I tell you what was really impressive was the strategic voting of Muscatine and some of the other southern tier counties. Lisa Smith and Mark Lucas earned the spots on the central cmte early and easily because of those counties' unity. could give both Johnson and Linn a lesson.
Linn Co. ended up with more delegates who trickled in late. Their final number may have been 44.

From the sound of it, our convention went much more smoothly than the 1st or 3rd. Thanks are in order to our hosts and the chair.
Linn County has gone through some changes in their leadership this year and have some relatively inexperienced folks in their leadership positions.

Thats why Johnson County's chair was asked to chair the Convention, as he is one of the senior activists in the 2nd District and has done a hellva job in doing caucus/conventions and elections in years past.

All one has to do is look at their 2004 election results as compared to 2000. 4000 additional votes for GWB, nearly half of the 10,000 Bush won Iowa by came from Johnson County.
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