Saturday, April 22, 2006


2nd District Convention: Platform

2:02 - Another fun part of conventioneering: the platform. There were only five amendments (a small cheer went up when this was announced)

Amendment 1 - Oppose a dove season in Iowa.

Arguments for the amendment: Doves are nice and not messy and they take partners for life and we need that example. The second speaker for the amendment wrapped himself in the Iwo Jima flag to state that just like our flag, doves are a symbol we should respect.

Arguments against: Hunting brings in revenue, doves are a game animal, people just go to any other state in the midwest to hunt them.

Vote: Amendment fails.

Amendment 2: Oppose vaccinations.

Arguements for: Vaccines are created in the lungs of still-living aborted fetuses (I have never heard this before). Parents should be able to decide without joining a specific church. Group immunity should protect children (Heard about the 2006 mumps epidemic?).

No one argued against this, but the amendment failed by a large margin anyway.

Amendment 3: Creation of an inspector general's office.

This amendment was sponsored by the Nussle/Vander Plaats campaign. Two speakers argued for it (for reasons already discussed on this blog) and it passed easily.

Amendment 4: End zoning in rural areas.

Argument for: You should be able to do what you want with your land. That which governs least, governs best.

Arguments against: Proposal is misguided. Rural zoning protects agriculture and keeps growth within the limits of our infrastructure.

Vote: Too close to call on a voice vote. Amendment fails on standing vote.

Amendment 5: Call on congress to declare the humanity of the unborn.

Arguments for: To declare the disrtict's pro-life stance.

Arguemnts against: The district already has an entire section devoted to pro-life issues. The amendment is just repeating what is already said.

Vote: Again too close to call an voice vote. Amendment fails on standing vote.