Friday, March 31, 2006


Traveling Tom abandons Iowa once again

While the Iowa Legislature works to finalize important legislation before the 2006 session ends, Governor Vilsack demonstrates once again that his priorities lie elsewhere. In continuation of a trend started shortly after the 2004 election, Vilsack will spend this weekend in Florida instead of Des Moines. The state GOP has put together a website (aptly named Traveling Tom) to help Iowans keep track of their governor.

Instead of a governor who treats Terrace Hill as a pit stop between out of state appearances, Iowans deserve the kind of leadership Jim Nussle and Bob Vander Plaats have already demonstrated in the fight against Touchplay slot machines. While our absentee governor racked up frequent flyer miles, Congressman Nussle and Mr. Vander Plaats worked to preserve the quality of life Iowans have come to expect from our state.

Tom not only cool guy with website. me have one too.
Traveling Tom went down to Florida to go court the folks down there for his little potential presidential run...

BTW..Florida doesnt' tax senior's pensions or Social Security income..while Iowa still does!
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