Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Nussle and Vander Plaats visit UI Students

Congressman Jim Nussle and Bob Vander Plaats visited Iowa City on Monday afternoon to meet with the University of Iowa College Republicans.

(PHOTO ABOVE L: Nussle and Vander Plaats sit down with students; ABOVE R: Vander Plaats shares his passion with students, including UI College Republican Chair Christian Goos)

For more information, you can read Jims Journal about his visit, and check out this story from the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

UI students tell Nussle jobs their top priority
Diane Heldt
Cedar Rapids Gazette

IOWA CITY - Creating more and better jobs around the state is a top concern
of the University of Iowa students who spoke to Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle on the UI campus Monday.

The students also told Nussle of their interest in the concept of a ''tuition contract'' that would keep tuition rates locked in and stable for a certain amount of time, and said a state energy policy that combats rising energy costs is important.

U.S. Rep. Nussle and Bob Vander Plaats, his running mate, met with about 25 members of the College Republicans.

The two are making stops at college and university campuses across Iowa to talk with students and get ideas for making Iowa a more attractive place for young people, Nussle said.

Much discussion focused on how the state can create better jobs and more opportunities. Nussle said the Iowa Values Fund, a state initiative created to spur job growth and economic development, has not gotten the job done nor has it provided the number of jobs promised.

''There are a number of exciting, new ideas out there that I believe need more attention from the state than what the Values Fund is about,'' Nussle said.

Energy is a cutting-edge industry that should be a focus for job growth in the state, Nussle told the students. He said Iowa needs to do a better job of providing incentives that encourage the use of ethanol. The state needs to put more E85 underground fuel tanks in place, he said.

''I'm also willing to be pretty drastic about this - I'm willing to impose a mandate,'' he said.